Saturday, 28 March 2015

A Call To All Gardeners - Check Before You Strim

Last weekend I took a call from a lovely lady in Sheering, who had noticed a hedgehog in her back garden. Although he (still calling a he because Sheering simply won't uncurl and let me take a peak to confirm) was only out during the night. However he was leaving little 'messages' that suggested he was unwell (unformed and green droppings). I suggested she catch her nightly visitor so he could be vet checked. A few days later she called and said she'd caught him and she dropped off. He was indeed unwell (intestinal worms and lung worms) plus full of fleas (a sure sign that an immune system is comprised). However what struck us more was the fact that this hedgehog was the victim of a careless gardener.
Sheering - a very lucky escape

However he is a very, very lucky hedgehog. If this careless gardener had decided to cut what ever they'd been cutting just 2mm (1/8") shorter then Sheering would have suffered what could have been a fatal wound. This type of wound:

  • Can easily become infected without treatment 
  • Leaves a hedgehog open to predators as they are unable to curl up
  • May leave a hedgehog disabled 
As I've said thankfully Sheering was very lucky and should make a full recovery, we just have to wait for his spines for grow back. However this could have been avoided if said gardener had simply taken a few moments to check before cutting. 

So here is our call to action - help us save lives.

A call to action:

Please, please spread the message that before you cut or trim check for wildlife. Simply:
  • Repost this far and wide 
  • Talk to family and friends
  • Have a chat with the council workers who are cutting grass
Together we can reduce the number of strimmer victims, all it takes is a few minutes.