Ways to help

When out and about there are also other ways you can help. One way is by simply keeping an eye out for litter. The plastic rings that hold cans together, can be deadly because wildlife can get trapped in them. So if you see whilst you are out pick up and take home with you. Before you place in the bin always make sure each circle is cut. Elastic bands dropped by the postman can also be deadly. So again if you see pick up, pop into your pocket and dispose of safely when you get home.

Some years ago we were bought a hedgehog that had it's head trapped in the handle of a plastic bag. It took us some time to release it and once it was we found the plastic had cut into the neck, from ear to ear. After treatment the hedgehog made a full recovery but it was something that could have been avoided if the bag had not been dropped in the first place.  

Heartless or thoughtless people sometimes subject hedgehogs to deliberate cruelty. This is now illegal. Should you see this occurring, contact the Police or R.S.P.C.A. If the unfortunate hedgehog is injured, try to get it to a veterinary surgeon as soon as possible.  In any case, please let the British Hedgehog Preservation Society know about it.