Free downloads

Please feel free to download these files for your own use. They are intended for use by individuals, schools, after school clubs, brownies, beavers etc. Please do not print off and offer for sale. If you wish to do this then please contact us to ask for permission.

We would love to add further downloads to this page. So if you are able to offer copyright free images in jpg, gif or png format and are willing to allow us to use then please contact us at 

To print off:
  • Click on the image you wish to print
  • Right click 
  • Click on - save linked file to "downloads" or where ever you wish to save
  • Go into file and press print 
  • Click print preview to ensure fills entire page
  • Print

See if you can find the hedgehog related words in this word search grid: 

Or why not have some fun making your own hedgehog shaped book that you can use for writing stories, poems or just for taking notes:

Or get creative with some hand-painting and create your very own hedgehog: 

And last but not least enjoy a game of 'Zap That Flea!'