Monday, 20 November 2017

With Fingers Crossed

Sadly earlier this month we had a couple of cases of salmonella and although we tried our hardest we still lost a couple of hedgehogs. So, I was forced to close our doors. In order to be able to open the doors again I've had to clean the shed from top to bottom. So as the sun was out yesterday (Sunday 19th November) this mammoth job was undertaken.

Firstly I invested in loads of heavy duty cleaners.

Then anything that could carry something nasty was burned. So paper, towels etc. are now ash. Thankfully loads of people donated towels - including the local U3A. This means all the towels I had to burn have already been replaced.

Bowls, spoons etc. have also been binned and new ones will be purchased within the next week or so.

Then all cages and equipment were removed from the shed - I didn't realise how much you could get in a 6' x 8' shed.

It was then scrubbed and scrubbed and left to dry in the sun.

Some five-ish hours later everything was back in the shed, looking cleaning and sparkly.

Then swabs were taken from the work surfaces, the shelves and two of the cages.

Finally, this morning I dropped the swabs off at the fab A120 Medivets and with fingers crossed the shed is given the all clear and the doors can be re-opened.