Thursday, 7 June 2012

Donate Without Giving Cash

Do you buy office supplies for your business or home?

Would you like to: 

- Save money? 
- Receive a £10 voucher with your first order? 
- Support our work at no extra cost?   

If yes then please read on...

Recently we signed up as an affiliate seller for The Toner Warehouse. Basically anyone can sign up for FREE using the link below and each time they make a purchase we earn commission on that purchase. The great thing is it doesn't cost the buyer any extra. So a win, win! 

So if you'd like to save money and help us simply: 

  • Follow this link
  • Click on the 'join now' button
  • Complete the form (ensuring 111107 in the last box called 'reference')

Then each time a purchase is made we earn a commission.

I must admit when I signed up I was dubious and believed items would be more expensive than my usual supplier. However I placed an order for a set of printer cartridges and a ream of paper and the cartridges were £7.50 cheaper. So I not only saved myself money but also earned a commission for the hogs. Also because my order was over the minimum I received FREE p and p.  

The Toner Warehouse cover most of the country, so even if someone live hundreds of mile away from us they can still support our work.

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