Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Bubble Boy Is Back Home

On 2nd December 2012 one of our carers (Di and her husband Rob) received a call from a friend. She had seen a small hedgehog out during the day. After a short conversation said hedgehog was caught and came to stay with us. He weighed just 432 grams, so was not heavy enough to survive the winter. However on inspection it was noticed he was wonky (he was called wonky hog for a few hours). So off to the vets he went and it was discovered by our fab vet Helen (A120 Medivets) that this poor chap has a small hole in one of his lungs.

Showing the build up of air under his skin

Each time he was taking a breathe in a little air was escaping into the body cavity. So she worked her magic and syringed off the build up of air. He was put onto a course of anti-biotics and the process of drawing off the air was repeated a couple more times.

The air being syringed off by Helen

Soon Bubble Boy (as he was re-nick named) was fully recovered and had managed to reach the magic 600 grams. So he was picked up by Charlotte (another of our wonderful carers) and spent the winter hibernating in her garage.

Bubble Boy finally woke a few days ago and today (17th April 2013) he was released back to the garden he came from.

Back in 'his' garden

Home sweet home

Now because he'll never say thank you, I'd like to thank Aasta for finding this little chap, Di for picking him up and dropping him off, Helen for providing her veterinary skills and Charlotte for looking after him over the winter. A team effort that paid off!     

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