Friday, 24 May 2013

Thank You to Ark Wildlife

I was feeling low, I'd just made the very difficult decision the battle our latest guest was fighting was one he could not win. Although I'm still feeling low (I always do when we lose a hog) there is now a little lightness to my mood. I've just taken delivery of 15kg of donated hedgehog food from Ark Wildlife.  We'd been nominated by Janet Gerrard (thank you - thank you - thank you) as a Hedgehog Hero and because so many of you voted (again thank you) we are now looking at the marvellous results. This will really make a difference and greatly reduce our food bill over the next few months.

One huge bag of donated hedgehog food from Ark Wildlife

However your support does not have to end there. We plan to join Ark Wildlife's Charity Partner Scheme. Basically every time you make a purchase from the Ark Wildlife website they donate 5% of the total value of your order to us. On average it costs £25 per hedgehog and as a small non-funded not-for-profit organisation every penny counts. So as they say watch this space and once we're signed up to this scheme we'll let you. In the meantime visit their website and check out how you can help all the visitors to your garden. 


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