Friday, 28 February 2014

Hedgehog Cards Galore

A Book For BrambleI was recently contacted by a  teacher at a local school who had set hedgehogs as the theme for a class project. She asked if I could visit the children and talk to them about hedgehogs and the work we do rescuing them.  I suggested I put my author hat on as well and take my picture book with me 'A Book For Bramble' and read that as part of my visit.

During my visit I was amazed at the facts the children already knew. These included:

  • They are nocturnal
  • Their main defence is to roll into a ball
  • They eat slugs, snails, caterpillars, bugs etc. but you can also feed them hedgehog food or cat/dog food
  • It's good to leave water out for them during hot weather 
  • Our hedgehog population is in decline
  • There are different types of hedgehogs
  • Hedgehogs are quite good swimmers
  • A hedgehog can run up to 4 miles per hour (although I know they are fast, as I've had to chase escapees, I didn't know it was that fast)
Now although I enjoyed the visit I must admit what arrived today in the post really made the visit special. An envelope containing hedgehogs cards galore. They will go into the hedgehog shed and pinned to the wall but before I did that I wanted to share them with you.

All the cards kindly sent to me by the children

Hedgehogs galore!

Lots of hogs plus a little mouse called Teasel 

I hope you've enjoyed seeing these images. If you're a teacher about to cover the theme of hedgehogs and would like me to visit please click on the 'support us' button for more details.

Last but not least this winter our hedgehogs have really struggled, many may have sadly died in the floods. So they need our help more than ever. So if you know a hedgehog visits your garden then you may wish to supply it with a new home or perhaps leave some food out. 

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