Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The Year That Was 2012

As is normal when a new year dawns you start to think about the previous year. So as a follower of tradition I've decided to share a few highlights with you.

2012 was the first year in almost 20 years that we had to make the very hard decision to close the doors of HQ for two months (July and August). However our work did not stop. We still took calls and provided advice. Our fosterers continued to care for our disabled hedgehogs and carers took on the task of hand rearing a number of very small hoglets.

Sophie's hoglets - all successfully hand reared and released

Although we lost a few hogs we also had some great successes. These not only included the hoglets above but also hogs like Helen who came in very unwell in March. We were not 100% sure she'd make it but to our delight she did. We even have video proof of how well she was doing (taken prior to going into hibernation):

Helen and friend enjoying a feast

We raised money by giving talks, presentations and attending fairs. We also had the pleasure of taking part in the A120 vets open day, which was not only enjoyed by a large gang of bikers (who support Mutts In Distress) but also some four legged friends as well. 

Just a few of the four legged friends who joined the A120 open day

Due to a very strange breeding season last year we were in-undated with very late babies. Thankfully most survived including both sets of entire litters that came in during October. 

Mum with her babies (still suckling) rescued from Harlow 

For the first time ever we set up a wish list. This has meant that our generous supporters kept all the hogs in our care fed for almost the entire month of December. However having just closed our 2012 books we are £250 short of our total running costs for 2012. But compared to other years this is a great result!

Just some of the food donated in December

We have already received our first call for 2013 from Medivet in Stanstead Abbots who are looking after a small hoglet. We will be picking him up in the next couple of days once he is given the all-clear by the vet. 

So here's to 2013!

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