Sunday, 18 August 2013

Up-date on Vince

In October 2010 a large male hog came into us very flat, very skinny and close to death. He surprised us all by how determined he was to not give up the battle. Unfortunately it wasn't until he was much better that we realised Vince was partially paralysed (back legs). However he had shown no signs of being stressed it was decided to find him a new home. So in March 2011 Vince moved into his new forever home with one of our fab volunteer fosterers Elaine.

August 2013:
On the 12th August I received a message from Elaine saying she was a little worried about Vince, he was smelling. Knowing he was a fully grown adult when he came to us and he's been with us for three years this October we braced ourselves for bad news.

We agreed Vince would need a trip to the vets. However prior to this visit he'd also need a little bath in warm salty water, just in case there was an infection and to ensure there were no maggots.

Vince drying off after 'Operation Rinse Vince'

Once he was dry Vince was placed outside in a run, he normally enjoys the freedom of the entire garden. However you can never trust a hog to be where you want them to be, so we decided to play it safe and place him on 'house arrest' for the night. 

Temporary run

The following day Vince was taken to Enfield Medivets and was seen by Kelly. It was discovered Vince had cut one of his back legs and it was now badly infected. The wound was cleaned and a small drain was fitted and Vince returned home the next day. At present he is recuperating indoors but is now well enough to accepting visitor. 

Vince being as sociable as Vince gets!

He has two more doses of anti-biotics to go and a quick check up at the vets. We are hoping that by the middle of next week he'll be back out in the garden with Shirley (one of our one-eyed hogs). 

We'll let you know how he progresses.

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