Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Triplets Followed By Twins

On 16th of July I received a call from a lady who had found a small hoglet (a female) out of its own. Unfortunately due to work commitments HQ was closed. Thankfully Sophie from the A120 Medivets (Bishop's Stortford) had offered to help if any hoglets needed it. So the hoglet was dropped off to her.

The next day it's siblings (a brother and a sister) were found. Thankfully they had been picked up quick and were fairly healthy apart from a few fly eggs. The two girls weighed 85 grams whilst their brother just 75 grams. Then a few hours later another two hoglets were found by another member of the public. Sadly their mother had been found dead and at just 30 grams each would surely have died. Although Sophie had her hands full with the triplets she madly agreed to take on the twins as well.

Sophie kept me updated and by the 20th the triplets had reached around 100 grams each and the twins were trying to eat by themselves.

The triplets

One of the triplets enjoying a little tea

Under Sophie's tender care the triplets and twins continued to thrive and were soon looking for a fosterer to fatten them up (ready for the winter) and take them for walks to get used to foraging. In stepped Alison (and her family) who took on the task of caring for the triplets and Di (and Rob) took on the task of caring for the twins.

Both Alison and Di have kept me up-to-date with the progress of the triplets and twins. Here are just a few of the lovely photographs they've sent me.  

The Triplets:

The triplets enjoying their new enclosure

23rd August - what a handful!

One of the triplets - free to roam the garden

The Twins:

The twins enjoying exploring their new home

Fizz keeping guard
Hopefully by the beginning of next month all five hoglets will be large enough to be returned to the wild. Now we're waiting for the autumn babies to start coming in so we can start the process all over again.

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