Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Arthur Formerly Known as Spike

On the 3rd August we received a call from Medivets in Chestnut who had taken in a hedgehog that had a broken leg. Sadly the leg could not be saved and they asked if we could rehabilitate a three legged hedgehog. Our answer was yes, as long as a back leg which thankfully it was. So they kindly removed the leg without charge.

Spike a day or so after his big operation
Weighing just 395 grams

Once they were happy with his progress he was transferred to Medivets in Enfield then to our local vets, the A120 Medivets, so he could be collected. Due to work commitments HQ was closed, so one of our fab carers (Michelle) stepped in and took over his care. She named him Spike, she names all her hedgehog visitors Spike. Now Spike was kept inside on towels for just over a week to allow his wound to heal. Whilst in Michelle's care he was found to be very partial to meal worms and would hiss like a trooper when picked up to be checked. Once happy the wound had healed he was moved outside into a hutch and run, to allow him to get used to being on grass. He was still being closely monitored to ensure he was adapting to have a leg missing.

Healing well, enjoying the evening sun outside and
now weighing a whopping 465 grams

He adapted quickly to only having three legs and was able to keep his face clean, so he was moved to his new forever home where he was renamed Arthur.

Temporary home whilst larger premises more suitable 
for winter were located

Arthur has been in his new home for just under two weeks. He has settled in, is coping well with life and at 674 grams he is ready for hibernation.

Arthur as he is now - ready for winter

It's great to see Arthur doing so well and as and when I receive up-dates I'll keep you posted on our Facebook page

Lastly I'd like to thank everyone who helped in saving Arthur - a great team effort.   


  1. Sometimes I think hedgehogs can be as choosy as humans when it comes to food. Some which visit my garden go for the dried mealworms first and others have ignored them, preferring the crushed unsalted peanuts. So far I haven't found one which would eat the packaged hedgehog food.

  2. John you are so right. I've had hogs that refuse to eat dog food but just love cat food - eat cat but not dog food. Some only eat the dried stuff but I'd say 90% love the mealworms. I've had hoglets who refuse to be weaned until I have to starve them for a while in order to get them to convert from goats milk and Esbilac to 'adult' food.