Friday, 4 May 2012

Hairbands Trip To The Vets

Some of you will have read how poor Hairband not only had a hairband wrapped around his waist but also how he was found caught on a nail. If you didn't read then simply scroll down.

Well this is his up-date.

On the 3rd May off we went to see Rebecca at our wonderful vets (the A120 surgery). As is typical with hedgehogs they have to be sedated a little so they can be checked. Otherwise they simply roll up and refuse to cooperate.

Sweet dreams are made of this!

Once asleep (hedgehogs are very suborn when it comes to this) Rebecca was able to look at the damage the nail had done. Luckily the antibiotics appear to have worked and although Hairband is very swollen there is no infection. After cleaning the area Rebecca decided to take the opportunity to check him over fully.

No broken bones or other injuries 

Thankfully no broken bones were found. However a few ticks were found hidden away in the fur so these were removed. Rebecca then turned Hairband over to check the condition of his spines, skin and check for parasites.

Checking for fleas, ticks and skin condition

As she checked we discussed the problem he might be having passing urine as the nail had caught his mmm how can I put this politely? Well... his boy parts. So she felt his bladder and decided that it might be wise to slightly empty it. 

Just a 'wee' test!

Once she'd managed to gently coax his bladder to work she decided to carry out a quick urine test. Thankfully although a very few spots of blood were found to be present everything else was clear.

Pleased with the results Hairband was then allowed to slowly come to before I placed him, still on his heat pad back into the carry case. 

Hairband appears to be doing well and we think it's just a case of waiting for his body to repair itself. 

I will however keep you up-to-date on his progress.

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