Thursday, 17 May 2012

Harry-ette's Story

I'd like to introduce Harry-ette, who is the latest hedgehog to stay with us. As you can see she looked very sorry for herself when I picked her up from our vets.

Harry-ette waiting to be picked up

It's little wonder. If you look closely you can see a small red area under her eye. This is matched by another on the other side of her face. It would appear she has been bitten, as these are puncture marks. Both are infected (she is now on anti-biotics) and one has caused an issue with her third eye lid - something I never knew hedgehogs had!

Whilst under sedation (so her wounds could be cleaned) it was noted one of her back legs was not 100%. So Helen (our vet) having discovered her new dental x-ray machine could be used to x-ray exotics (which daft as it sounds hedgehogs are treated as) decided to check for broken bones. Although the image below is a little dark I'm hoping you can see poor Harry-ette has suffered a broken fibula (that's the smaller of the two leg bones - another thing I've learned). This break is obviously an old one and has healed.

X-ray showing the old break in Harry-ette's back leg

When I picked her up I was told by Sophie (the nurse) she was very disappointed by the number of ticks she had to pick off (just three) and apart from a single red mite Harry-ette had no other 'lodgers.' 

A little side note: Sophie finds removing such nasties highly satisfying and it's not a job I'm going to fight her for!  

Harry-ette is making slow but steady progress and this morning huffed at me as I picked her up, always a good sign. She is eating well, putting on weight and I have also been able to take her off the heat pad. 

And if you're wondering I didn't name Harry-ette. She had been named by the lady who found her Harry and when it was discovered Harry was a she Sophie added the 'ette.'        


  1. Thanks. Harry-ette still has a long way to go but she is eating and the drugs appear to be doing their stuff so fingers crossed.

  2. Harry-ette, jolie Harry-ette ...
    Could she have been dogged do you think?
    I could add a bit about this to my Dog Friendly Gardening website if you like?

  3. Hi - we do sometimes get hogs in that have been attacked by dogs. I spoke to a lady recently who's dog has already killed two hogs. She now has to take the dogs out into the garden at night on a lead.

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