Friday, 25 May 2012

An Update On Harry-ette

Harry-ette has been with us for just over a week (see previous post) and unfortunately in that time the wound on her face has shown no signs of healing. So our fab vet Helen and her team at the A120 surgery spent time today trying to solve the mystery.

She discovered that unfortunately when Harry-ette was bitten she also fractured a bone in her face. This can clearly be seen on the x-ray Helen took on her dental x-ray machine.

You can clearly see the break

Once the x-ray was taken Helen removed any dead skin tissue and thoroughly washed out the wound with a saline solution. The wound was then closed and Harry-ette was left to recover.

Harry-ette understandably looking very sorry for herself

We are hoping this procedure has worked and with a change of drugs the infection will be beaten. However our worry is the infection has gone into the bone. If this is the case then sadly there is nothing else we can do. So over the weekend it's a case of waiting with fingers tightly crossed to see what happens. 

We'll keep you up-dated. 



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